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Aristel Phone Systems

The Aristel DV 22, Aristel DV 38, Aristel AV 20 and the Aristel AV 38 series are great systems for smaller businesses that only require a few Telkom lines, and are low cost phone systems with all the functionality most businesses require.

The Aristel DV 22, Aristel DV 38, Aristel AV 20 and the Aristel AV 38 range of PABX Systems are low cost telephone solutions where you simply want to answer and make calls, place the calls on hold and/or transfer, then these are the systems for you. They have other standard features such as speed dials, ring groups, caller ID, you can even have a door station which is an intercom which will ring one or all phones so you can talk to the person at the door or gate and even open the door from the phone (needs door latch solenoid installed).

The base system caters for 3 PSTN telephone lines with an option to expand to 6 lines. The base system caters for 8 digital handsets (shown below) and 1 analogue handset (i.e. a normal cordless handset or answering machine)...there is an option to expand this to 14 digital stations and 2 analogue ports.

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System features:
The DV22 has all the standard features that a small business will want out of a phone system. Some of these features are:

  • Make & receive calls
  • Call hold & transfer
  • Call forwarding (to internal or External Number).
  • Caller ID
  • Group/personal speed dials
  • Music on Hold
  • Handsfree phones
  • Call barring/restriction
  • Least Cost Routing (i.e. send mobile calls to cheaper carrier)

Aristel DV22 Handsets

WE offer 2 styles of Aristel handsets....the DK53B or the less expensive DKP73C. The only real differences are the number of buttons and the look of the handset. The DK53 is the nicer looking handset, however the DK73 has just as much functionality. A novel feature is a built in calculator as part of the handset....you find yourself using this more than you would think.


Fully digital (2 wire)
Handsfree Operation
Large Display Option
Blue Backlit Display
25 Multi Function buttons (All programmable)
Built In Calculator

Fully digital (2 wire)
Handsfree Operation
Large Display Option
Blue Backlit Display
22 Multi Function buttons (All programmable)
Wall Mountable
Built In Calculator


Please Note: The Aristel range extends beyond the DV22 and Aristel provides larger systems that can handle many more lines and extensions. We tend to highlight the DV22 to meet the needs of many small businesses that are looking for a good PBX or phone system at a cheap price. If required, we can certainly provide pricing for the larger systems.

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