PBX-Phone Systems helps you find the right phone system for your business, and can also save you money on your call costs.
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Here are a number of ways to reduce your business telephone costs.

  1. Audit your lines - far too often we see that there are telephone lines on the phone bill that are not making any calls, only to find upon closer inspection that they are not connected to anything. Sometimes they have been this way for years.
  2. Call Rates - analyse the call pattern of your business by looking at your phone bill. If the majority of the cost is on calls to mobile phones then it is not worth signing up for a rate that is fantastic for long distance but not so hot on calls to mobiles.
    Finding the best rate is sometimes a bit of a balancing act...A good idea is to have some lines on a rate that is good for certain calls (i.e. long distance) and some lines that have good rates for other calls (mobiles)...then have the phone system automatically select the best line based on the number you have called (most phone systems can do this).
    Contact us for a free analysis.

  3. Line Rental - As a company grows and gets more lines there comes a time when it it is better to shift from standard PSTN lines to ISDN (see Telephone Lines for more information). Using ISDN you can possibly reduce your line rental on a per line basis, but you can also receive better rates from many carriers. You may want to also look at VoIP but caution is required with this one. If VoIP is not implemented properly then the pain it causes a business is definitely not worth it. (see our VoIP explanation).

  4. Phone System upgrade - while not a cost saving it is worth getting some expert advice when selecting a system. Many suppliers tout VoIP as the be all and end all, but there are many of their customers that have had nothing but trouble with these system. Most of these providers are data based companies that look at VoIP as a way to move into phone systems. There are some specialist skills required when analysing a companies voice communication needs.
    PBX Phone System is highly experienced in Voice and Data. We do sell and install VoIP but we ensure that the solution will meet the customer's demands both now and future.

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