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Business Telephone Lines

Here we look at:

  • An explanation of different telephone line types.
  • How to order new phone lines
  • How to save money by choosing the correct telephone rate plan for your business.

Business Telephone Line Types:

PSTN or Public switched Telephone Network is the type of telephone line that you find in most houses. It is very old technology but works well for what it was designed for. For each PSTN line there is a pair of copper wires between your premises and the telephone exchange. A problem that can occur when you expand the number of PSTN lines for your business is that there may not be enough pairs of wires connecting your premises to the telephone network, and there will be an additional cost to increase this if required.

ISDN or Integrated Services Digital Network is a digital form of telephone line. The speech is digitised similar to music digitised on a CD, which has the ability to provide better voice quality than PSTN but it is not really that noticeable in a phone conversation. You will not get the crackles and hum that you may get on a degrading PSTN line.

ISDN also provides the ability for an outside caller to dial direct to an extension on phone system or PABX. You can have a number for customers to call that will be answered by the receptionist, and you can also provide a direct number so that callers can be automatically connected to your extension and bypass the receptionist.

ISDN comes in 2 flavours:

  • Basic Rate or BRI (also known as ISDN2) provides 2 voice circuits for the one pair of wire from the telephone exchange
  • Primary Rate or PRI (also known as ISDN10/20/30) provides up to 30 telephone lines on the one pair of wire from the telephone exchange. The minimum number of lines that you can have on a PRI ISDN is 10. The beauty of using PRI is that you can expand the number of phone lines on you phone system or PBX up from 10 to 20 or 30 lines without having to add additional hardware to your phone system.

How to Order new phone lines

Ordering the phone lines is the easy part....it is getting the right type of lines and the correct rates for your business that requires some thinking.

To order new lines simply click on the Contact tab to the left and send us your details with a description of how many lines you need. It is best we do it this way as we can discuss the type of calls you will be making (i.e long distance, calls to mobiles, etc.) and we can work out what is the best line type and rates for you.

How to save money with phone rates

It is interesting to see how some businesses make a decision as to what phone company they will go with. Some look at line rental, some at local calls and some at long distance rates.

The trick is to have a good look at your phone bill....it is not much good to opt for a plan with really cheap local calls when you only spend about $20 on local calls but spend $300 on calls to mobiles. This is where you would look at a better deal on the fixed to mobile (as this call type is called in the industry) rates.

Now here is another trick....depending on your call types, it may be worth putting in some lines that offer cheap long distance call rates and some lines that can save you money on fixed to mobile. Now, in pretty much every phone system these days, you can configure the system to analyse the type of call being made and have the system automatically select the best line to use for that call. This way you can get the best of both worlds and save money.

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